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Ugh: Can it get any worse?

English: Boling water in colour

English: Boling water in colour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Open letter to clinical psychology internship applicants (and anyone else going through a tough time right now):

Life is really hard right now.  There is no room to breathe.  The demands are so stifling that we choke from the moment to moment clatter and sputter of our plans and ways of being.

None of us have experienced anything quite like this before.  But one benefit from being pushed to the brink is that the view is grand.
What I mean is that when we are stripped of all surety of the moment, our health, our lives, our dreams and hopes and worries.  When all of that is insignificant, we are blessed with seeing boiled down to its True Joys and True Pains.  The refining fire creates a luscious, sour, and rich reduction-sauce delineating the distinction between nothingness and Eternity.
As Catholics we have intimate access to Eternity.  But our vision of the daily hassles, plans, and passing moments of the day obscures our Vision of Light, the Vision of Eternity.

Boiling away those hassles, plans, and moments, boiling away our pride and our attachments–this is the supreme good of now.  Let’s be sure to take time to Praise God today for that.  For boiling away our attachment to our selves, our pride…even to our family.


I was there…

Occasionally, I take a peek at past journals and journal entries.  I wrote this around 9-10 years ago as I was searching.

Ah – what a glorious thing to be back in the dark, wicked night; itself  a place that provides harbor to such terrors that are born in the core of my fears.  Within this blood-fed battleground, carcasses of my dreams, lost and forgotten lay alongside conquered fears and other foes to the self.

Man, was I angsty!  I know I was there, but I cannot even imagine being there again.  I mean, life is hard now, but it’s not that hard.  That seems so melodramatic–“Dark, wicked night?”  Really?  I suppose I have always been quite the sophist; quite the dramatist.

Carcasses of my dreams?  Come on, now.