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Makes Me Weep

This is an utterly gorgeous guitar quartet performance of Bach’s Prelude No. 1 from the Well-Tempered Clavier.  That piece is awesome no matter what the instrument, but I’ve never heard it sing so much as when LAGQ played it.  The amazing part is that despite each player contributing only 2 notes to the arpeggios, the sound is so seamless.  Definitely listen on stereo to get the full effect.


You’re Already Jealous

I get to sing The Eyes of All by Jean Berger after receiving the Eucharist in the next few weeks, with my awesome choir!  The piece has everything–tight, soul-squeezing harmonies, contrasts, and ending on a nice, low E (the lowest note on the guitar, and fortunately, the absolute lowest note I can sing with any sort of decent tone).  I’m thrilled–it gives me chills to sing it!

Not Comps

I have recently been enthralled with the medium of musical sampling as art form.  It has its roots in French experimental music in which the composer took recordings of everyday things like trains and pots and whatever and made a sort of musical collage.  Rap and R&B are the mainstream heirs to those guys.  The contemporary samplers frequently take from funk, rock, R&B, movies, TV, advertising, etc.

On an NPR program about the influential powers marketing has on us individually and societally, “Under the Influence,” the host presented a segment about sampling and demonstrated how genius it can be.  He talked about the song “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim, and played its constituent parts and then the sum of those parts, the song itself.  I was pretty amazed at the seamless fit of the musical parts and that an artist can make an entirely new song based on manipulating and splicing together pre-recorded pieces.

I’m trying it out, and, given my freeware “Audacity,” I have some chance of creating at least something.  While it does cool things like add effects, it’s kind of hard to get the timing right compared with other programs I have seen such as garageband.  I have the garageband app on my iPad, but that is also quite limited compared with the real version.

And that, my friends, is something besides comps.