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What It’s All About

I really liked this post about the ultimately humbling experience of writing and arguing for our faith.  Mirus admits that at times, when he gets so caught up in writing about the faith and defending the faith, that he turns gold into straw, as it were.  

The briefest realization of the immensity of God casts all of these efforts into the deepest shade. I trust this is not quite the outer darkness of which Scripture speaks (Mt 8:12, 22:13, and 25:30), but surely we must affirm with St. Thomas and Blessed John Henry that the barest experience of God makes dust and ashes of even our greatest personal efforts to make Him known.

This is my challenge sometimes, and one of the reasons I appreciate being off Facebook.  It is so easy for me to lose God in the face of my arguments for God (or His Church, or His Church’s teachings).  How much time I spend reading blogs and books about faith and culture, culture and faith, and how little time I spend living my faith in my culture!  How often I turn to blogs and books about apologetics and Christology and how infrequently do I spend time with God in his Word or with His Word in adoration!

Logically speaking, faith should enlighten reason.  First one encounters the thing to be defended, and then he defends it.  It turns out, I have been living backwards, defending the faith which I have not fully encountered.  


An afternoon nap

My train was delayed this afternoon. “There’s a body,” the conductor explained, “And we’ll be delayed several minutes until the authorities give us the go-ahead.”

Well, so much for dinner with my family, so I thought.

A few minutes later, the conductor gave an update: turns out, it was just some dude taking a nap in the ditch by the tracks. Needless to say, the “poke ’em with a stick” technique–an advanced technique learned late in police training–dealing with people who lay next to train tracks was again shown to be effective.