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Born This Way: A Violent Farce Against All that Is Good and Beautiful

Born this way

Give me a break.  

Just the way you are

Come on now.

Live on and be yourself

Are you for real?

Don’t buy it when someone wants you “Just the way you are.”  Don’t buy it when a group wants you “Just the way you are.”  Don’t buy it when a religion wants you “Just the way you are.”  I don’t get it.  What is there to like about an ethos that is so negative?  If all there is is this moment, then fine.  I’ll take that.  Anyone would take that.  In this particular moment, I accept and love you just as you are.  That is very sensible.  “Just the way you are”: insensible.  Anyone outside of a philosophy department at a local university knows that there is more than this moment. 

What I can’t stand about this “Just the Way You Are,” “Born this way,” “Live on and be yourself,” is not really the battle that these propaganda are used for.  I understand the battle.  I can’t understand the war.  It’s the war against virtue, against striving to be the best version of ourselves as possible.  The life-long strife of development.

If the human race is evolving, progressing, and overall, growing toward something positive, or good, then anyone who tells you to be “just the way you are,” is holding you back from greatness.  Living in the past.  Turning the clock back as it were.  

I unequivocally decry the “Just the way you are” attitude.  What pitiful and limiting message, which essentially communicates, “You can do, be, or progress to nothing greater than you are now.  You’d be better off just stopping to strive, because it’s better to feel good about yourself and settle, rather than struggle now, and achieve.”  

Ugh.  The time someone tells you to “Live on and be yourself,” or “You were born that way,” or “You’re okay just the way you are,” walk away swiftly, and say, “No thanks.”