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Makes Me Weep

This is an utterly gorgeous guitar quartet performance of Bach’s Prelude No. 1 from the Well-Tempered Clavier.  That piece is awesome no matter what the instrument, but I’ve never heard it sing so much as when LAGQ played it.  The amazing part is that despite each player contributing only 2 notes to the arpeggios, the sound is so seamless.  Definitely listen on stereo to get the full effect.


Two Epic Songs to ROCK Your Saturday (plus some other gems)

Any epic rock song which features chopsticks on organ AND flying V guitar solo makes for a glorious a sunny Saturday in September.

Never heard this Zeppelin masterpiece before today.  Wow.  Wow so smooth and gorgeous!  My dream in high school was to import juicy chords and solos with rock sensibilities–basically to create something like The Rain Song.  

Don’t get me wrong–I love me some Lauridsen and I can never get enough Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis.  But I can never betray my rock roots.  Good stuff.