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There, and Back, and Back Again

I went back to facebook.  For about 10 minutes.  And then I realized that I didn’t miss anything by not being on facebook, and I left again.  In a particularly stressful time of life right now, I just can’t seem to sit still.  I checked out what I had been missing, having been off of facebook for about 6 weeks now.  I don’t feel I’ve missed too much.  All the important stuff about friends and family I find out through my wife.  

I don’t know why I went back.  Or why I used to go all the time.  There is something so terrifyingly riveting about seeing and being seen.  Not that facebook is useless.  But is it good?  

I don’t think so, for me at least.  I have such an inane, narcissistic void, in which I want to be esteemed, but not just “liked.”  Not just “followed.”  Adored.  And right.  I want to be right.  On social media, people share all sorts of opinions as if they are facts.  Some share in a brash, uneven way.  And this is my summons: to the facebook marketplace I ride, Bible in one hand, and memorized Kreeft quotes in the other!  

No, I don’t think so.  I don’t need that right now.  Just give me an outlet, and maybe a little dialog, and I’m fine.  And I’m here.



from the mouths of babes

T: Hey, Maria! Daddy’s having a big ‘ol salad tomorrow for lunch!
M: What the…

This little exchange had Mr. Steed and I laughing for quite some time tonight. I wonder if they knew we were listening as they searched for tupperware for dinner leftovers. In any case, dear Drake has been kind enough to let me post on here with him as I very well please, and I’m thankful for the invitation. I hope to use it as I might use Facebook: for posting little snippets of Steed cuteness, gushing over my spouse, and/or diving into the nitty gritty of life. Stay tuned!

Just as Bad as Facebook

….in that it can easily suck hours of your life away.  This website, a few months old is awful.  Absolutely horrible.  So much so that I stumbled upon it and read it for like 90 minutes.  Basically, it’s a collaboration between some of my favorite bloggers and then some to produce rational, semi-deep philosophical works promoting and defending the faith–and, to be fair, solidly respectful and reasonable atheists to dialog about it.  By and large, the comments are respectful and thought-provoking on both sides.  To be fair, some of the Christian armchair apologists (I would consider myself a part of this crowd) could brush up on their logic and rhetorical skills.


Instead of facebook

I’m off facebook.  And giving the other blog a break.  It’s personal.  Basically, i found myself pridefully watching my posts and my comments and stats and wanted only to connect.  But it was a pathological way to connect.  My expectations for myself and others were out of control.

But.  I need a place to put my rants.  I need a place to put websites, songs, and arguments against stupid ideologies.  Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to have a place where I am a little more comfortable sharing personal beliefs.  I didn’t feel too comfortable with that with my old blog.  And I only felt marginally comfortable doing that on facebook for fear of getting sucked into a stupid ideological shouting-match.  I’ve been there folks, it isn’t pretty.  Just plain energy and time draining.  So here’s this.