I’m Going to Be Writing More

I’m going to be writing more.  Writing is good for me.  I don’t know if my writing is good for you.

It’s easy to be hypersensitive to criticism as someone who is quick to critique.

Plus, I’m very passionate about things I don’t know a ton about.  I’d rather not write and publish something that smells of sophistry only because that’s all it is.

I guess I’d boil it down to my fear of sophistry–not only in appearing like I am just blowing a lot of hot steam (my own self-doubt)–but also in only being able to give just the smallest shred of truth on any given topic.

Basically, I don’t want to be seen as not really knowing what I’m talking about and then I don’t want to misinform.

That is what keeps me from writing more, if I really look deep inside.  I’d be able to find the time and the energy.  I actually type pretty fast.  I have ideas.  All I have to do is read one thing (and I read plenty of things), and I can come up something to write about.

I read about a lot of different topics; mostly politics and political science/armchair philosophy/armchair theology.  Some about Chicago sports.  Occasionally about music theory.  I’d like to write about those things too.

I have stopped and started so many times.  Like so many people.  I’ve had a deadjournal.  I’ve had a livejournal.  And I’ve had a handful of wordpress sites.  And I never really keep up with it.

But why would I keep up with it in the first place?  First, for me.  To think, explore, express.  Second, for my family.  So I can have a place to think, explore, and express and therefore stop being so much in my head all the time.  Third, for people who would read.  Perhaps there is someone who can connect with what I am writing.  Or something I write makes him think.  Or makes him write.

I have this vision of writing a lot.  Of writing for blogs.  Or academic journals.  Or books.  I’d like to be a writer.  As a friend recently reminded me, the best way to get better at writing is to write.

One of the main problems is that I don’t know exactly what I want to say.  When I have written and published, I’ve kind of taken a conservative view against leftist ideology propoganda/moralizing.  Occasionally posting something about psychology or music.  Sometimes, but rarely, posting something personal.  Or sometimes musing about some theological idea or concept.

Those are the kinds of things I like to write about.  I like exposing ideological blindspots.  I like writing and thinking about theological things.  But I’m not a political scientist nor a theologian.  I’m a psychologist.  I can write about those areas from a psychological perspective.  Of course I can.  What would keep me from doing that?


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