Meta-blogging: Are questions effective blog post titles?

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for a few days.  This particular post, though, was inspired by reading the title of a post by prolific blogger, Fr. Z.  Reading the title made me think about how questions seem to be a way to grab a reader.  Especially effective is using a syrupy-sweet-sticky question as a grabber.  I think academic journal titles work like this too.  

Something like “Life: A longitudinal analysis of Really Awesome Data.”   And then the actual journal article is about the fermentation of extracted turnip juice and its effects on enhancing toddler’s silly faces.  Seriously?

Actually, I would probably read that article.  Back to the meta, this particular post really just serves the purpose of allowing my weary mind to wander a little bit in the midst of internship application.  Man, those are getting tiresome.  

I used to be such a sap though, writing in online journals.  Something about projecting my angsty, hormone-infused thoughts and feelings on to a screen, shouting on the peaks of livejournal my pain, loneliness, and existential suffering.  Something about that, yes.  Something about longing for posterity; longing to be seen and heard.  Hard to outrun those dreadful demons, still.  

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