Powerful Woman!

Therese of Lisieux is one of the most powerful women I have encountered in my readings.  Her power lies in her femininity–in her receptivity of the Word of God, Jesus.

Her “little way” of offering Jesus the daily, the mundane and ordinary, which is so contrary to our world in its excitability and distractions, challenge me to holiness.

Can a little Victim of Love find anything terrible that is sent by her Spouse?
Each moment He sends me what I am able to bear, and nothing more, and if
He increase the pain, my strength is increased as well. But I could never ask
for greater sufferings—I am too little a soul. They would then be of my own
choice. I should have to bear them all without Him, and I have never been
able to do anything when left to myself.”

I’ve been thinking about this lately.  How often I mess up and make mistakes!  Even when I don’t, how often I wear a smug, prideful attitude!  Praising God for each chance to be little makes each chance for suffering sweet.

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