Please oh please

Let there be an interesting article online.  I can’t STAND to work on my homework a minute more.  Please let there be something on First Things about feminism.  Let Fr. Z lambaste fishrap.  Let Bad Catholic ramble about the utter importance and beauty of sexual complementarity.  Let there be an interesting post about Derrick Rose on ESPN.  Maybe a fascinating preview of next season for the Cubs (cause this season, there’s not much to talk about).  Let there be a witty post about grammar on Dr. Boli.  And a philosophical treatise by Ryan T Anderson connecting abortion, gay marriage, and euthenasia against the buttress of reason that is the deposit of the faith in the Roman Catholic Church.  May Peter Kreeft detail the major philosophical misgivings of a popular atheist.  And how about a super funny and witty post by Simcha Fisher about how society is out to tear apart Catholic families, and what we can do in response.

Okay.  Now that that’s out of my system, back to homework.


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