Is this a joke?

Unfortunately, not.  This is a good example of the flat-out lies that diversity folks try to propagate.  Inclusiveness?  Multiculturalism?  Diversity?  No, no, and no.  How about exclusiveness (abide by our values or else), monoculturalism (only the values of the cultural elite are tolerated), and intolerance for alternative views.

From Catholic Culture.

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has lent support to a “Charter of Quebec Values” that would ban the wearing of religious garb and crucifixes by public employees.

The plan would “prohibit people like doctors, teachers, and public daycare workers from donning turbans, kippas, hijabs, and visible crucifixes,” the Canadian Press reported.

“We’re moving forward in the name of all the women, all the men, who chose Quebec for our culture, for our freedom, and for our diversity,” said Marois.

Let’s get this straight.  They would ban the wearing of religious garb….for their freedom…and diversity.

How utterly…freedom-promoting and inclusive of you.

This is the path we are on.  Within this decade, there will be private employers in the US making the same demands of their employees, and winning legal battles around this issue.  All in the name of diversity and tolerance–because religious symbols  stand in the way of tolerance, freedom, and diversity.


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