Instead of facebook

I’m off facebook.  And giving the other blog a break.  It’s personal.  Basically, i found myself pridefully watching my posts and my comments and stats and wanted only to connect.  But it was a pathological way to connect.  My expectations for myself and others were out of control.

But.  I need a place to put my rants.  I need a place to put websites, songs, and arguments against stupid ideologies.  Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to have a place where I am a little more comfortable sharing personal beliefs.  I didn’t feel too comfortable with that with my old blog.  And I only felt marginally comfortable doing that on facebook for fear of getting sucked into a stupid ideological shouting-match.  I’ve been there folks, it isn’t pretty.  Just plain energy and time draining.  So here’s this.


    • Adam
    • August 18th, 2013

    Well done, sir. I hope you’ll find Facebook freedom as gratifying as I have.

    • Thanks! It’s just awkward because I found myself filtering a lot for the sake of avoiding another battle. And sometimes I couldn’t help myself. I’m on the fence about when/if I’ll go back. Right now I’m doing comps and I don’t even want to ingest even a hint of anxiety about comps from peers. None. Also, I found myself focused on wanting approval from friends and family in an extreme way. I don’t have the time to go to confession for all of the times I dwelled on my pride being hurt by not getting a lot of response to something I would say.

      That said, many people do communicate important things only through facebook. I understand that. Being away from facebook essentially shuts out many connections from my life and my life from theirs. There have been some examples in which I have maintained (even just slightly) relatinoships because of facebook, such as with the Herrs. So it’s not all bad. I just need a little breather, especially now with comps.

      But I need a place to put my thoughts and rants and arguments, and yes, my feelings. So I created this blog. Consider it the third in a series–Deadjournal, Livejournal, Instead of Facebook. Make any existential, theological or metaphysical sense of that as you will. I just need a repository for all the crap in my mind and heart. I can’t just email you and Chris every time some stupid head decides to write something stupid on the internet. That’s all I’m drivin at.

    • Lauren
    • August 20th, 2013

    Excellent idea! I’m happy for your self awareness and desire for holiness. That darn pride, it sneaks in everywhere!

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